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USA Accepted Video Poker - Best Odds In the Virtual Casino?

Video Poker Game For US Players USA accepted video poker is, for many good reasons, one of the most popular online casino offerings. Video poker first appeared in physical casinos as electronic stand-up games powered by computers. So the interface on the original version and the World Wide Web variety we have today is virtually the same. This allows online casino games to deliver the same spinning wheel excitement of slots and familiarity of poker that the physical machines do for the American player. And the World Wide Web delivers 24/7 access from any PC with an Internet connection to the legal and reputable USA online casinos featured in our guide.

Unfortunately, what some U.S. based players do not realize is that online video poker accepting USA players can offer as much as a 100% or greater payback when proper play is combined with welcome bonuses and other rewards. Unlike physical poker games where you must read your opponents, bluffing can occur, and someone can simply bet or raise you out of a hand, the very nature of the online video poker game is what provides possibly the best odds of any casino game on the World Wide Web. And when a player remembers the game is not trying to beat him, his odds of winning improve. There are some nice perks to enjoying legal USA online gambling.

The fact is, US accepted video poker websites will never make you suffer a "bad beat", and if you know how to figure your odds and play properly, manage your bankroll and take fewer risks, this game can be one of the most rewarding you will ever play. Most online casinos offer a Deuces Wild game, and using basic strategy on a full-pay version, you can actually play each hand with over a 100% payback expectation. Of course, that is factored over many millions of hands, and you will have short term wins and losses, but the importance of knowing the correct play cannot be understated.

Let us look at a simple hand you will run across frequently when you play online video poker that allow USA players. Whether you play Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or some other popular United States Internet video poker game, the same basic game play is used. A virtual 52 card deck is employed, you choose the size of your wager, then press the "deal" button. You are dealt five random cards, you choose which cards to keep and which to throw away, and your discarded cards are replaced randomly. You are than paid according to the poker value of that hand and the pay rate on the table.

If you are playing USA friendly video poker online, when you are dealt a hand which gives you an open-ended straight draw and a pair of Jacks, the temptation may be to hold out for the straight to receive a bigger payday. But the pair of Jacks is already a guaranteed payday. Keep the certain win, discard the other three cards, and hope for the best. Taking advantage of the fact that online video poker casinos offer the player from the United States a chance at the best possible online casino odds means playing smart. Never throw away a winner, find the games with the best pay schedule, boost your bankroll with free welcome bonus money, and you may find that virtual video poker is as profitable as it is exciting and enjoyable. Learn about other casino games for US players, as well as poker for US players, bingo, and USA accepted sports betting action!

Players who enjoy playing video poker online often also enjoy what live dealer casinos accepting USA players have to offer. These casinos offer a venue that many players consider more stimulating, with access to live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette and live dealer baccarat. Advanced web streaming technology powers these live dealer games, and provides a live, face to face gaming experience with a professional dealer.

US Video Poker - Top Rated Video Poker Sites That Accept U.S. Players

Rank Casino Bonus Software Country Visit/Review
1 Bovada Casino 100% max $500 - but redeem up to 4x RTG Visit
2 Slots.lv Casino 100% max $500 x2 deposits RTG Visit
3 Luckyred Casino 400% max $4000 RTG Visit
4 Sun Palace Casino 400% max $10K, every deposit for 1 week RTG Visit
5 Las Vegas USA Casino 150% max $3000 RTG Visit
6 Vegas Casino Online 150% max $3000 RTG Visit