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Playing USA Accepted Roulette Online

enjoy USA friendly online roulette gamblingRoulette is one of the oldest and simplest casino table games, and playing USA accepted roulette online usually means choosing between the European and American versions. Simply put, American roulette has an additional double zero offering, while the European version simply offers a single zero. While this may sound like a chance at winning one more bet that pays 35 to 1, it actually more than doubles the house edge, taking it from 2.70% on all bets on the single zero only table all the way up to 5.26% for virtual U.S. roulette versions.

In some USA friendly online casinos, you may find the French variant of the game offered, which uses the European single zero wheel. However, the French version also offers a surrender rule. And there are also those gambling sites which offer an exciting version called Roulette Royale, which is basically the roulette lover's answer to massive progressive jackpots. Microgaming is an online software provider which offers Roulette Royale on a single zero table. This version allows you to place a $1 side bet that pays off if the same number hits at least twice in a row, and you can win as much as $200 if the same number lands three consecutive times. You will even find some of these games featured at high quality USA online mobile casinos.

Again, French and Royale variants of the game are not found on every site that offers online roulette accepting USA players. The most often offered online games will however provide the same basic game play and types of bets. You simply place your chips somewhere on the virtual betting surface displayed on your smartphone or PC, hit the "spin" button, and experience the exciting rush of anticipation as you watch the tiny ball spinning one way, and the wheel in the opposite direction.

Gravity and friction eventually plop the ball into a sectioned area on the wheel, all winning bets are paid, and losing bets are collected by the house. Any single number bet usually pays 35 to 1 when hit, and a split bet (placing one chip over two numbers) usually pays 17 to 1. You can also make a square bet (one chip touches four neighboring numbers) to improve your odds, but the payout drops to around 8 to 1. And some online roulette casino games allow you to place a special five number bet, which pays off if the ball lands on zero, double zero, 1, 2 or 3. This bet may look attractive, but the addition of the double zero to the United States roulette table and a payout of only 6 to 1 drastically increase the house odds on this particular bet to roughly 7.89%.

If you are looking for a winning system, there are plenty of strategies purported to make you a winning player every time. However, the smart U.S.A. player realizes that roulette, whether discussing the American, European, French or Roulette Royale versions of the game, is an entirely luck-based enterprise, as is most of the games you'll find in online gambling for US players. As long as you play USA friendly versions for the exciting rush of the spinning wheel, and understand you are trying to catch lightning in a bottle, your experience playing the virtual version of one of the most popular casino games of all time will always be enjoyable.

Another version of roulette that has recently become available to players in the United States is US live dealer roulette. We've created a guide specifically covering live dealer casinos and the games they offer. In addition to a live dealer version of roulette, these casino sites also provide live dealer blackjack and live dealer baccarat.

USA Online Roulette - Featured Roulette Gambling Sites That Accept US Players

Rank Casino Bonus Software Country Visit/Review
1 Bovada Casino 100% max $500 - but redeem up to 4x RTG Visit
2 Slots.lv Casino 100% max $500 x2 deposits RTG Visit
3 Luckyred Casino 400% max $4000 RTG Visit
4 Sun Palace Casino 400% max $10K, every deposit for 1 week RTG Visit
5 Las Vegas USA Casino 150% max $3000 RTG Visit
6 Vegas Casino Online 150% max $3000 RTG Visit